Our Jeanne Heaton tells her incredible story

If you have visited this blog, you are familiar with Jeanne Heaton, our inspirational teacher who so generously blogged about her experience at Bikram Yoga teacher training last fall. But Jeanne had not told her whole story publicly, until now.

Jeanne bravely told her story of how she used Bikram to recover from a life of addiction in a riveting article in the New York Times Style section today, a moving piece I hope you will read and share with anyone whose challenges seem too steep to overcome. She talks about overcoming her challenges in an accompanying video, which I hope you will also share.

For those of us at BYM, Jeanne has been a constant source of inspiration. Her dedication to the practice and now to her students is deep and heartfelt. Now, by sharing the details of her struggle, Jeanne hopes to reach more people who feel there is no way out of their pain. Her message: there is hope and Bikram Yoga can be the physical and emotional dimension of recovery from anything.

We are so lucky fate brought Jeanne to BYM (thank you, Francine Volpe!) and now her light can shine far beyond our studio.

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3 Responses to Our Jeanne Heaton tells her incredible story

  1. craig russell says:

    This is great stuff… can’t wait to get into that Manhattan studio and have Jeanne instruction! Namaste

  2. Ilidas says:

    I wish her the very best and salute her resolve. Much love to Jeanne!

  3. Kim says:

    I’m going to my class…its hard but your right…get in the room. Thanks Jeanne for being such an inspiration.

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