Posture Video Series: Half Moon with Hands to Feet

Watch the latest in our posture video series: Ardha-Chandrasana with Pada-Hastasana or Half Moon pose with Hands to Feet pose, explained by Bikram Yoga Manhattan director Raffael Pacitti and demonstrated by Rachel Kaplan. Together, they show and explain why stretching the spine in all four directions is a key to opening your practice and improving your health.

Watch, share with friends, comment here or on our Facebook page. Catch up with all our videos — postures and interviews — on our YouTube page. More postures to come!

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One Response to Posture Video Series: Half Moon with Hands to Feet

  1. Jeanne Heaton says:

    I love these posture videos, BYM! So informative and inspiring. What is happening to the body, not only physically with the “what we are doing in the pose” but these series medically explain “why we are doing what we do in the pose!” Not only do I know we are getting an amazing stretch and workout, but I have begun to make the mind/body connection in each pose and how medically, emotionally and spiritually pulling on my heals and locking the knee saves lives, literally. BMY is the best in the city, Guys! No lie.

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