The latest from Jeanne’s Bikram teacher training: tests, a new language and a lift from Mom

Team BYM: Jeanne and Raphaelle

Raphaelle and I are doing well. I am pretty “in it.” There is no other way to describe it. I am desperate for just a moment to catch up and write to you all. Even keeping my journal has been almost impossible. I had no idea how much dialog there is to learn. That’s how easy the BYM teachers always make it. Training is so intense, as are the posture clinics, and then we have a huge anatomy test tomorrow.

My mom drove over from Sun City, Arizona Saturday morning and when I saw her in the hotel lobby, I fell apart, crying and sobbing right into her big, warm, loving, motherly hug that I so needed! I have gotten to spend yesterday and today with her, and even taught her Triangle pose. She is 77 years old with a 12-year-old hip replacement and she could actually sit down quite a bit, following my dialogue. OMG! It was so inspiring. I had my first taste of what it is going to feel like to teach brand new beginners in much need of healing and moving their bodies… It was the best feeling in the world.

I am so blessed to be here, no matter how scary posture clinics are, and now, on top of it, Bikram just arrived back on the property today. He’s been away for the last 2 weeks. We have had anatomy lessons during that time, with the anatomy final tomorrow. Now that he’s back, he will be keeping us up until 3 am or so every night with lectures over next 5 weeks. At least this is the rumor…

My posture clinics have been amazing. The feedback has been all so positive, in that the love and passion I have for the yoga is written all over my delivery of the pose. Memorizing has gotten easier as I learn “Bikram-ese.” (The dialog is for sure like learning an entirely new language.)

Raphaelle and I can’t wait for the BYM teachers to get here. Lots of visiting teachers have been here giving feedback at posture clinics, we want OUR TEACHERS!!! Raff and Paula, Rach, and Byron… everybody, we can’t wait to see you. I am sure I will fall into your arms as well, needing your understanding, love and support.

It can get scary and lonely in the quiet of the night, dialog spinning in my head. I am full of anxiety with the beginning of Week 5 upon us already, and Bikram now here on the property to continue the process of tearing us up to build us back up. Thank God for Raphaelle and the support of every single person here. Especially the one person, yesterday morning, doing Camel across the room, whom I didn’t even know, and how we made eye contact the second we came out and how her huge smile kept me going.

Yesterday was the 43rd class in 4 weeks. Wish us luck beginning Week 5. My heart is beating pretty hard tonight, knowing what is to come this week. So I get to practice minute to minute, like practicing posture to posture, staying present and simply doing the best job I can do in this moment only.

Sending so much love and gratitude to you all. How I miss you and BYM yoga, the etiquette in the room and actually having a little piece of mirror back in New York. I don’t know when the last time I even saw myself in the mirror here. But I do have to say, there is nothing like practicing with 370 people in one tent, at 112 degrees minimum and a humidity of 80 percent at least. Some classes we feel like we are literally drowning, and it is FANTASTIC!!!!!!!!


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