She made it! Sujoya’s 30-day challenge in 34 days

Sujoya’s 30-day (not in a row!) challenge wraps up today, after one last interruption. She shares her struggles, victories and lessons learned over the past month, still vowing to get her head to her “exactly” knee and doing it all with great humor.

Day 30 (or 27 or 10) –- OFF

Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaack! I’m SO sorry! Really. I know my blog base is going to be crushed. But it couldn’t be helped. I got jammed at work again and there was no way around it. It was devastating. A friend (Lynn) dedicated her practice to me today because I had to miss it, and she knew I was overwhelmed at work. (That was sweet.) There was no bright side until I woke up next day and the back pain was definitely better. J J J

Day 31 (or 27 or 1)

I hear there is a “Bikram high?” Really? What is that? And where can I get it? After class today I was sitting, exhausted, basically just sweating, and somebody said I looked like I was in the Bikram “zone.” I’ve got to tell ya, I wasn’t. I was just tired. Which is generally all I am after class. I know people report some sort of runner’s high-type thing. I’m not the type. I’ve never had that. I don’t know what it is. After a “brisk run” or a bout of Bikram, what I get is sweaty, tired and maybe a little feisty: like, I’m more likely to yell at the kid on the bus who doesn’t get up for the old lady. Pretty much the only thing that gets me high would be, ummm, getting high. Does this come over time? When? Also, one of my classmates had this notion that we should do a “double” one night to make up for the session I missed. I’m thinking she might be high… I’m considering, but it’s not likely. Why would you do two sessions in one day unless you were in teacher training or certifiably insane? I’m not a complete Bikram fanatic, I’m just trying to get through the next 3 days! But, you know what? I am actually thinking about it.

Day 32 (or 28 or 2)

Because Lynn dedicated her practice to me the day I had to work late and couldn’t make it to class, today’s practice was dedicated to Lynn’s husband’s toe, which is broken. I know from broken toes. There’s nothing to be done about them but to tie them to the next toe and pray nobody steps on you. I have learned from dedicating practice days that the class always goes better. So despite the achy back (yup, still there – I’ve been taking ibuprofen before class to help), it went well today. It also helps that there’s JUST TWO MORE DAYS LEFT! Woo hoo!!!!

Day 33 (or 29 or 3)

As we come down to the final couple of days of my non-consecutive 30-day challenge, I would like to make sure to thank the Academy (The Bikram Yoga Manhattan Academy), my parents, God… No really, mostly I want to thank all of you for the kind support, “attagirls” and encouragement over the last 34 days. And for sticking with me through the ups and downs and not being horribly mean to me for having to take days off. You’ve all been generous with kind words and altogether great supporters and fans. The group energy in the room really does make a difference to my classes, and you’ve all contributed great spirit to me. I wouldn’t have started without the encouragement of my instructors, particularly Byron who said “why not?” (Which I’ve learned is a good question to ask as frequently as it occurs to me.) And Raffael and Paola, both of whom insisted that they noticed changes in me even when I don’t see a darned thing. And Rachel, Eddie, Pamela, Amanda and Georgia, none of whom let me rest on my laurels when they saw progress and instead started to expect it (dammit!) In classes, Emily, Lynn, Jessica, Dorca and Victoria have been wonderful commiserators, all around well-wishers and “fans at large.” They really have helped make the classes more fun, and to get me through the “I really don’t wanna” days. Thanks to all of you, I am confident that one day, my exact forehead WILL stick to my exactly knee.

Day 34 (Day 30!!!!!!!!!!! – day 4, but that’s SO not happening)

I know what you’re thinking: “Wait a minute, that wasn’t a REAL 30-day challenge. That wasn’t 30 uninterrupted days in a row! “ It’s true, it wasn’t. It was only MY 30-day challenge. And it was real. I am very glad I did it, even if flawed, and even though about 70% of the time, I didn’t want to haul my ass to class or cooperate with the dialog. I am glad I kept going even through injuries, and I’m glad I got a few unplanned and unintended rest days in the middle. Of course, I wish it had gone consecutively, but you know what? Life happens the way it does, and I am probably more typical than not in that if you have a non-Bikram dedicated life, other stuff does get in the way. So here is what I’ve learned after 30 days of Bikram:

You honestly can teach a 45 year old dog, new tricks (hey, I’m actually only 8 in dog years!)

There’s no shame in falling out of poses or being unable to do even the smallest bit of some of them at first. You improve. If you try, you really do improve! (Even just a little!)

You don’t have to be perfect to feel accomplished, you just have to know that you gave it an honest try.

It’s inconvenient, not impossible.

Thanks sincerely for being there with me.

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