Working through “growing pains,” Sujoya soldiers on

As Sujoya’s 30-day challenge nears the 30-class mark, she continues to work through some nagging pain but finds comfort in practicing with friends and her usual wall location!

Day 27 (or 24 or 7)

A quick roundup of ailments… Knee: worse. Back: better.


There’s nothing like a class full of people you know. Today, there were lots of friends in class and that’s always somehow better. Also, after not being able to do it for a couple of days, my legs floated back up during Locust with both legs. So puzzling. It’s like they did it on their own. I was struggling with it the last couple days, and today, no struggle. I’m back in my usual “wall” spot. Maybe that’s why!

Day 28 (or 25 or 8 )

I had fantasies of making it to a 10 a.m. class this morning but couldn’t seem to rally. I made it to the noon. Geez, the noon class really kinda puts a kink in your day. But still, there I was. I gotta tell you, I’m weary. Today, after class, both my back and knee feel worse. I don’t know what’s happened. Maybe it was that I took a class last night and then again 18 hours later? I am grumpy about this setback. Also, have I mentioned that the Chelsea studio is REALLY HOT? Is that over-heat really necessary? Wears me out, man.

Day 29 (or 26 or 9)

Today is a marker because I haven’t been able to make it 9 days in a row without having to interrupt my challenge. So, yay. Also, only 4 more to go!!! Woo hoo! OK, I’ve done something really ridiculous to my back. It’s a sprain, and now it aches all the time. In class today, I got sharp pains, generally in forward bend poses and I got tenser and more worried about doing them. (I notice that anticipating the pain is actually worse than the pain itself.) Still, it’s no picnic. I have consulted with the instructors and they tell me that my body is changing, and these are normal “growing pains.” So if I’m not keeling over, I should do the best I can, try to work through it and don’t stress too much or put too much attention on it. Yet, they tell me not to overdo it and take an aspirin or painkiller if you normally would and see how it feels. So that’s what I’m doing. Hey guess what? Even with the pain, I managed to pull off one set of Locust with both legs up in the air!!!!

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