An incredible journey: BYM’s Jeanne Heaton heads to Bikram teacher training

Less than two years ago, Jeanne Heaton could not imagine even stepping back into a Bikram yoga room. But, despite daunting physical challenges, Jeanne not only hung with it, but has turned her life around and now wants to share the power of Bikram with others. She won a scholarship to attend Bikram teacher training — she leaves Sunday! — and in our interview, talks about how this journey came about and where she hopes it’s going.

Better still, Jeanne plans to blog right here on her experiences at training, so we can all come along for the ride. So, come back often and we will root her on as best we can. You can follow her posts here, or on our Facebook page.

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4 Responses to An incredible journey: BYM’s Jeanne Heaton heads to Bikram teacher training

  1. raphaelle says:

    Jeanne is such a wonderful spirit. I met her through BYM doing work study. I used to work Sunday evenings while she would do Monday mornings, we eventually began to both work on the same day; her Friday early afternoon and myself late afternoon. That is when I started to get to know her better but never as well as I got to know her now… I applied for training about two months before Jeanne did (I actually wanted to go to the Spring training but wasn’t able to) and I was delighted to find out that she would be there with me. So here we are and boy am I glad she is here! She brings some much needed comic relief as we discover not only each other but ourselves on this crazy journey 🙂 I have a lot of respect for this woman as well as admiration for her determination and great spirit. “The only way out is through” is one of the most inspiring words I have ever heard… Ones that I think we can all relate to one way or another, if you are a fighter. Thanks Jeanne, you are a true lady. Raphaelle

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  4. Steve says:

    Just read your piece in the NYT and wanted to thank and encourage you! go get ’em!

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