In Sujoya’s challenge, it really is all about location

In her latest posts about her 30-day (with stops and starts) challenge, Sujoya ponders the location question, deals with new twinges and realizes her body really is different every day.

Day 23 (or 20, or 3)

Please clear Sujoya a spot by the wall

Today’s pet peeve is about real estate. Like they say, the 3 most important things are “location, location, location.” I have a thing. I’m easily distracted in class and when I’m in the middle of the room, between two people, it distracts me more. If my peripheral vision catches the person to the right or left of me falling, I’m influenced -– I go down like the next domino. If I see them scratching their nose, my nose gets itchy. You get the problem… I’ve found over time that if I have a wall to my right or left during class, my concentration is a better because the wall isn’t likely to move. So I tend to gravitate toward the edges of the room, and not the ones with windows (more distraction). Every so often I end up in the middle, and have a wobbly class. It’s just my thing. So today, there are acres, and I mean ACRES of space in the class. It’s fairly empty. I’m at the wall. And for some inexplicable reason, somebody places a mat like 6” from mine. (I know different cultures have varying standards for personal space, but this is absurd.) Why? Why would somone do that when there’s so much open space? So I wriggle over a little. And this person wriggles closer. I’m not getting it. Do I smell really good? Did I take a designated spot? So I move, altogether, to a non-preferred spot. And this person takes my old spot, which of course is what the crowding one wanted in the first place. Grrrr. Also, what’s with people placing their mats SMACK in front of yours when you’re in the second row? Is staggering really so hard? Or is everybody so self involved they can’t pay attention? Someone needs to enforce mat placement etiquette. Class was okay despite not being by the wall. Still, I prefer the wall.

Day 24 (or 21, or 4)

Woo hoo! Just 9 more classes. Kind of. (Well, you know.) It feels like things should have changed dramatically by now, but they haven’t. Shouldn’t I be 5-foot-8, 120 pounds and blonde by now? There are incremental changes like not falling out of tree pose anymore. But you know what? Sometimes I still do! Every day REALLY is different. Sometimes I’ll make a big breakthrough in something in a class, then next day I can’t do it. Weird, huh?

Everything was going along just fine in class today until the first back-bend of class (after half moon). I bent forward to touch my toes and EEEEK, I felt it: a little twinge under my right shoulder blade. Just a little one. I figure it’s just a twinge, it’ll pass. I wriggle a little, and try to shake it out. And we do the next set of half moon and I’m noticing it more and more. Bottom line, it gets worse and twingier during class. And if that’s not enough, I’m going into toe stand and my left knee twinges, and ACK! Same thing! What’s going on today? So I’m bent over and hobbling coming out of class. Bikram ain’t for sissies. Let’s see if these new cricks are for real or if they work themselves out overnight…

Day 25 (or 22, or 5)

Not much to report today. The knee and back pain were still there through class but I kind of ignored them and got on with it. I have refused to acknowledge any real changes in my practice so far, but you know what? I can’t deny it. I’m a little stronger in certain poses and I never take rests anymore. When I first started classes two years ago, I would often sit out the second set of a couple of the standing series moves. I never do that anymore. I haven’t taken a rest in any class in the last 22 days. In other words, my stamina’s better. Also, I can hold certain poses for longer and I’m not sore the next day after class. I’m stronger than I was when I started the challenge for sure, and my clothes fit better.

Day 26 (or 23, or 6)

So guess what? Today, I moved clear over to the window side of class, just to see if I could get past the real estate issue. I can’t. I’m no good at the windows. Also, for some reason, for the last couple days, I can’t get both legs up in Locust pose anymore. I don’t know why. I guess I have to believe it when they say “every day is different.” They really mean DIFFERENT! Also, I’ve discovered new and uncharted territories of thirst. I drink everything all the time. I also pee all the time. If I were a dog, I’d be drinking out of the toilet bowl. I’m beginning to wonder what sort of schedule to keep after finishing the challenge. Every day is putting a kink in my life (not to mention my back and my knee!)

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