Sujoya’s bad hair (but good Locust!) challenge

Having a Bikram hair day?

Sujoya’s 30-day challenge at Bikram Yoga Manhattan continues, with new hurdles and frustrations, but people are commenting on how good she looks.

Day 21 (or 18 or 2)

Kind of a blah day in class. Everything aches. My eyelashes ache. My earlobes ache. Is that possible? They do. I’m cranky. I never have a good hair day anymore. If I don’t wash it after class it’s greasy the next day. If I do, it’s dry from washing it so often. Oh, and then there’s washing the yoga togs every second night (I only have a couple of sets.) I’m burned out. On the positive side, I somehow miraculously floated both legs up during the both-leg part of Locust today, like 2 feet off the ground! First time! That was cool. Didn’t think it could be done. But there I was, doing it. (Only one out of two times, but anyway, there it was.)

Day 22 (or 19 or 3)

It’s a rainy and humid day which made the Chelsea (of course) studio particularly steamy. I’ve become the cheapest date in New York. Last night I had one glass of wine and was COMPLETELY loopy, barely able to grasp the handle of the taxi door. I’ve determined that if I can only handle one glass (and that, barely), I’m upgrading the wines I drink! Of course, the effect of one glass was that I had to wake up like twice in the middle of the night to drink water and then I was even wobblier in the balance poses than usual… But I was there! Also, I’m full faster when I eat. I guess these are good things. My instructor today thought I’d lost weight but I don’t see it. (Why is it so hard to see progress in oneself?)

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