Sujoya’s 30-day (interrupted) challenge

Sujoya, a student at Bikram Yoga Manhattan for the past several years, is chronicling her attempt at a 30-day challenge, which continues — unfortunately not uninterrupted — with more challenges that Sujoya tackles with great humor.

Sure, this is a walk in the park if you're flat-chested

Day 17 (15 or 6)

I am counting today as THE official HALF WAY POINT! If I can get through today, I can definitely finish this thing…

OK, I got through. But my left leg is a problem. I have both sciatica and plantar fasciitis in the heel and it’s always been weak and wobbly as a result. Today, it’s ultra weak and wobbly. Shouldn’t it be stronger by now? It’s not.

Also, I hereby declare that Bikram clearly doesn’t believe in gravity and that Standing Separate Leg- Head-to-Knee should be re-dubbed “Standing Separate Leg Head-to-Knee-Auto-Suffocation-Between-Breasts.” I’m not sure how he came up with this pose, but clearly, he didn’t have female anatomy in mind. It generally goes something like this: “You go down.” And then you’re supposed to land your forehead on your “exactly” knee. But if you have double Ds, gravity ensures that you land your forehead on a boob. It’s just not going to be any other way. So in my case, I have to “lift and separate” (using my hands) so that the forehead can meet the knee without interference from the gravity-prone breasts. Except, Houston, we have a problem: now, my nose is basically being suffocated between my boobs and even worse, sweat is running down the channel in my chest directly into the upside-down nostrils. I am basically gagging myself between my boobs while drowning in my own sweat. And then, AND THEN… the hands are supposed to go in prayer? I don’t think so. It’s a miracle I make it up alive. Maybe afterward, they should go in a prayer of thanks. That probably explains why you end up in prayer position at tree pose. That’s today’s story. Oh, and another thing: I didn’t look at the clock even once during class! HUMP DAY IS DONE.

Day 18 (16 or 7 )

I never thought I’d say this, but today, it wasn’t hot enough in the Village studio. Nope. Just wasn’t. Amazing, huh? AND how intimidating: after I had set down my mat in the first row, an instructor laid down her mat in the row behind me. The pressure! Still, it was an OK class. I’m getting a tiny bit better at certain things. Still not so great at others.

Day 19 (17 or 8 ) – OFF

DAMMIT! A project at work has gone long and I can’t make it to a 6 pm class. I’ll have to make a 7:30 at Chelsea, which I’ve never done. If I take the class so late, I just don’t sleep. Also, what to do about eating – do I eat before? When? I am super grumpy about this…. DOUBLE DAMMIT. It’s now 7:45 and I’m still on my project. It has to get out tonight and at this point I can’t tell how long it will run. There’s no way I can make it to either an 8 or an 8:15 at this point. Now I’m REALLY grumpy. I just can’t get out. I have missed another day. Really unhappy.

Day 20 (17 or 8 )

Back in class today. I am kicking myself for missing 3 days out of the 30 planned. This is not turning out how I would prefer. But you know what? Stuff happens. I have to look at the bright side, which is that I’m back in the saddle, and as usual, the rest was welcome. I’m kinda perky!

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