Posture video series: Balancing Stick

Ever wondered why you have to make a perfect T like Tom, or why you have to give 110% for 10 seconds or if you’re late, it’s over? Well, then this video is for you. Narrated by Bikram Yoga Manhattan director Raffael Pacitti and demonstrated by Paola Arinci, we bring you Tuladandasana or Balancing Stick posture.

Don’t be fooled by how short the posture is. It’s a great one, full of cardiovascular benefits.

Watch, share with friends — and potential yogis — and let us know what you think, here or on our Facebook page. You can also like us on Facebook. More postures to come!

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2 Responses to Posture video series: Balancing Stick

  1. rck470 says:

    I love balancing stick! What a workout. Talk about the racing heartbeat, but the benefits are so awesome afterward. If you’re into it too, check out this well-written post by Bikram blogger The Dancing J on how balancing stick is a better workout than running up and down hills…well, if you’re a newly trained Bikram teacher, that is 🙂

    Also feel free to visit my blog at Enjoy, share your thoughts, and namaste!

    -Rachel @Aliveinthefire

  2. This is great! It’s fun to see someone else doing this posture, especially from the side. Whenever I’m in class I’m concentrating way too hard on myself to notice anyone else’s movements.

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