A benefit that came in handy this week: we cope with heat

Bikram Yoga Manhattan founder Raffael Pacitti was featured in an interview that aired on WNYC this morning, when he explained New York’s public radio audience how Bikram students cope so well with the heat. And student Suzanne Dance explained why she needs so much less air conditioning and instead struggles with an overly chilled atmosphere at work.

Listen to the interview here, on wnyc.org.

It was a nice reminder of one of the side benefits of practicing Bikram, although certainly the health and fitness ones are lovely enough. Not only does the temperature outside feel less hot when you leave a Bikram class, the practice actually teaches your body how to deal with heat better. A doctor interviewed in the segment explained that better developed sweat glands cool the body more effectively.

So, when people tell you you’re crazy for heading to a Bikram class on one of these sweltering summer days, you are far from crazy. It’s even healthier than you thought!

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