Making Time for What Matters. Yoga Matters

In a recent gathering of new friends, a discussion broke out about Bikram Yoga, two in the group being devoted practitioners. Beyond the obvious questions about the heat and the physical benefits (yes, it’s hot and the benefits make it well worth it), many had one question: How do you find the time?

Yes, a regular Bikram practice is a time commitment. The class alone is 90 minutes, plus tack on time to have an unhurried arrival, a deep savasana, wind-down and shower time and it’s a significant chunk of a day.

But every time someone says they don’t have time to exercise, a little bell should go off and an instant translation should kick in: Not having time to exercise means not making time to exercise because it is not a high enough priority. Because everyone makes time for the highest priorities in their lives, be it a job, kids, a spouse, eating. Some people put a Bikram practice (or training for a marathon, or any other exercise they deem important) in that tier of priorities. It matters. It has a meaningful place in your life, and therefore, your day.

That doesn’t make it easy. Bosses are not always so enlightened when you walk out at exactly 5 p.m. to make a 5:30 class. Spouses and friends may be less than understanding. The pull of responsibilities may make yoga feel selfish, the time commitment a drain.

But the genius of a regular practice is that the benefits not only come back to you in fitness and health, but also in time. Maybe it’s a longer life, or just a healthier one, with less time seeing doctors, getting tests, taking medication, missing work, feeling lousy, missing out on life at its most enjoyable. Your bosses benefit. Your spouse and kids do too. What you put in, you all get back.

Karma, after all, never sleeps.

How do you make exercise work in your life?

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