Who Moved My Heels?

Even for Bikram regulars who are accustomed to the hot room and don’t think much about a few degrees here and there, this time of year can bring some surprises. Sure, the yoga room is the same temperature as always, but the shifting weather outside has its impact. Things can seem normal until you’re going back in camel pose, when dizziness strikes and you ask, “Who moved my heels? They were here a minute ago and now they appear to be across the room. And moving.”

The reason for this is (and yes, you’ve heard it a million times), it really isn’t the heat but the humidity. It will make you sweat even more. It will make it seem hard to breathe, which is, of course, why you have to breathe even more, even slower.

The biggest key is hydrating. Yes, you do that already. Now do it more. That extra sweat means more water needs to go in first, and not just after class. Amp it up a little all day. Take in more electrolytes. Fortunately, nature helps by ushering in fresh fruit season soon. Yum.

But also be patient with yourself. Experience the shifting seasons without being disappointed you can no longer find your heels. Take a break when you need to, even if you can’t remember the last time you had to take a break. Breathe more.

Your heels will come back to you. They always do.

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